Kanha Cannabis Infused Sativa Cherry Gummies Review

Kanha cannabis infused Sativa THC gummies contain the usual 10mg dose of THC per gummy. There are 10 pieces for a package total of 100mg THC.

Kanha gummies are made with gelatin, so they are not vegetarian or vegan friendly. They are gluten-free and contain no food allergens like dairy, nuts or soy. Each piece has 23 calories so the whole bag sets you back 230 calories.

Taste & Effects

The smell from the package is a generic cherry smell. Each gummy is covered in a fine sugar coating that provides an initial sweet taste. Once that disappears, there is an artificial cherry taste, mixed with a slight cannabis oil taste. Like other Kanha gummies I’ve tried, they are artificial tasting but perfectly edible. I don’t like cherry flavor to begin with, and I don’t like artificial flavors, but these have a soft enough flavor that they taste like other cherry gummy candies.

Kanha Cannabis Infused Sativa Cherry Gummies, package of 100mg THC
Kanha Cannabis Infused Sativa Cherry Gummies

Kanha gummies are robust, taking a good five minutes to dissolve in the mouth. As with all new edibles, I took half of my usual dose the first time to judge how strong they are. My usual dose is 10mg of THC, so I started with one half of a gummy, with 5mg THC. I took it first one evening at home. I didn’t feel much of an effect, even after 2 1/2 hours. I tried again the next day at the full 10 mg dose. I could feel a slight uplift effect, But I did not experience the energy boost, creative charge or the focus I experience with other sativa edibles.

Kanha Cannabis Infused Sativa Cherry Gummies

I usually find 10mg of THC is a good dose for me, but for many folks 5mg gives them the effects they want. I tried these again several times at my usual dose and just didn’t get the effects that I wanted. It may be the strain or the hybrid that went into making the cannabis oil or this could’ve just been a mild batch. Either way these are great for people who are sensitive to THC or who get the effects they want from a lower dose.

Always start low and go slow with edibles and judge the impact for yourself, as we all react a little differently.

Wrap Up

I love it when edibles are labeled as Sativa or Indica to give folks a better idea of the effects to expect. Kanha Sativa THC Cherry gummies are a good choice. While I find the flavor just okay, some folks love cherry. Overall a good choice if you are looking for mild effects in a Sativa THC gummy edible.

Taste: 3

Strength: 4

Website: http://sunderstorm.com/kanhatreats/