Atlas Lemongrass Ginger CBD THC Cannabis Beverage Mix Review

Lemongrass Ginger cannabis-infused beverage mix from Atlas lets you make your own beverage and moderate your dose once you mix it up. Each package comes with 10mg of CBD and 5mg of THC and they do sell four-packs together. The package is a single serving that you mix with 12 oz. of liquid and they recommend you do not separate the powder into portions before you mix it up.

Atlas Lemongrass and Ginger Cannabis Infused beverage mix 10mg CBD 5mg THC

As with all edibles and drinkables, it’s important to try new products at half of your usual dose the first time, until you know how strong the effects are for you. Since my usual dose of THC is 10mg and up to 15mg for CBD, I was willing to try this package since, in my experience, CBD reduces the impact of THC.

If you are sensitive to THC or CBD, or you don’t know what your tolerance is, only drink half of the mix you make and wait two hours to make sure you don’t take more than is enjoyable for you. That will give you 5mg of CBD and 2.5 mg of THC, which for some folks is plenty.

The package needs to be cut open to pour out the powder. There was a strong lemongrass smell from the powder. They recommend that you add the powder to twelve ounces of liquid – I used water. You might want to use a container with a lid you can close, so you can really shake it up to mix it. It also worked fine just to stir it vigorously in a glass, though it did take some time to dissolve.

The ingredients include a few forms of sweetener including cannabis-infused cane sugar. It also contains stevia, which I find gives a dry aftertaste.


I use stevia for coffee and tea, but I find the aftertaste too pronounced and unpleasant to be enjoyable for most cold drinks. It is almost too much for me in this product, but the lemongrass and ginger flavors are strong so they mostly mask it. It still does have a slight stevia aftertaste taste and I found that a little unpleasant.

I love ginger and this has a very strong ginger taste mixed with the lemongrass. If you’ve ever had fresh ginger juice, squeezed from grated ginger, you know how strong it can be. This wasn’t quite that overpowering, but if you love serious ginger flavor, this is the flavor for you. It reminds me of ginger lemonade made with a generous amount of ginger juice. The ingredients list natural flavors but doesn’t say what those flavors are. Ginger and green tea extract are listed as the only other flavorings besides the various sweeteners. There are no artificial colors used.


I did begin to feel the effects within a half hour, with the reduction of any pain from inflammation I might be experiencing lessened, which I usually find with CBD. Being a liquid, there is less a bit less digesting to be done, so I usually find that cannabis infused beverages have a slightly faster onset for me than most edibles.

There is no indication of what strain(s) are used when extracting the THC, so it can be hard to judge what impact to expect. I found the effects slightly relaxing and it gave me a slightly stoned feeling mentally. I always prefer to know what strain was used or if it is a sativa, indica or hybrid, as that can tell me what impact I can expect.

I find CBD is much more effective on pain and discomfort when paired with THC, so I appreciate the 2-1 ration of Atlas’s beverage mix. I don’t expect a CBD-focused product to give me the elevated experience of a product that is purely or primarily THC. Expect the pain relief, relaxation and anti-inflammatory impacts that are typical for CBD.

I need more CBD than 10mg usually to make an impact on sore, tired muscles and I can usually have 10mg of THC with no problem. Now that I have tried this product several times, I could see making up two batches, so I could see what the impacts are of one dose plus one quarter dose, or one dose plus a half dose, to find the right impact for me. As always, and as mentioned above, try a new edible or drinkable several times at lower than your normal dose, then at your usual dose, before even thinking of taking more than a standard dose. Start low and go slow.

Wrap Up

The effects are what I would expect from a 2-1 CBD + THC edible or drinkable. I much prefer this flavor to the Pomegranate Green Tea flavor of this beverage mix. I like a strong ginger taste and the calming effect ginger has on digestion. I also like lemongrass and lemonade, so this flavor combination is a winner for me.

At my dispensary, a single serving size is priced at $7.50 plus tax. They do sell a four-pack, priced at $22 plus tax, bringing the price down to $5.50 per dose before tax. If you look at our Cost Per 10mg Dose comparison, this is on the more expensive end of options.

I could see this as part of my regular set of options when I want the effects of CBD. For those who like the flavor and who like the effects provided, this is a fine addition to a CBD edibles & drinkables collection.

Taste: 5

Strength: 6