More Than Buds is the creation of Alton and Ruth – also known as @YourCannaBuds on Twitter. We are two long time friends and cannabis users who share our experiences with edibles, topicals, transdermals, and more in order to help you make healthy, informed choices.

To help with the need for information on these new and evolving products, we created a place to share our experiences. We think two viewpoints offer you a better perspective than one, so we work together to share our experiences, noting the author on each post.  We frequently report on the same products to give you a fuller perspective. We are based in California and Colorado, so we have access to products available in both states. We also travel and try products from other states when possible. Our goal is to help you enjoy cannabis edibles, topicals and everything else as much as we do!

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psychedelic 420

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I first started smoking cannabis in my early teens. I have many years of experience with using all forms of cannabis from brownies to bud.

I generally prefer Sativa strains for their more creative, energetic properties. I enjoy Indica primarily in the evenings since I am sensitive to Indica’s relaxing and sometimes sleepy effects. When it comes to other non-flower forms of cannabis such as oils, tinctures, edibles or transdermals, I greatly prefer use of specific types (Indica or Sativa) and love it when the edibles or other items are strain-specific. I understand that the experts disagree if that makes a difference and it seems to for me.

I live in Northern California with my sweet corgi Julie.


route 420

I started smoking pot in high school. I prefer Indicas. Recently, I began to experiment with edibles and patches. As I experimented, I realized that I needed a higher dosage to experience the desired results. Being a long time cannabis smoker, I wanted to try different ways to get high without damaging my lungs further and to be able to use outside of my home discreetly.

I live in the foothills of Colorado with my husband, Eddie,  two exceptional children and a very spoiled basset hound named Lucy Pancakes.


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