Artet Cannabis-Infused Mixed Drink Review

Artet is a cannabis-infused mixed drink. They make a “Cannabis Aperitif” as well as two flavors of mixed drink, which is what this review covers. This product is manufactured by Spacestation, the manufacturers of other infused beverages, including the Cann and Wünder line of products and infused by Vertosa. Artet is billed as a “Cannabis Beverages Crafted for Cocktail Moments”. Each Artet can is filled with 8 ounces of a 1:1 THC and CBD mix and has 5mg of CBD and 5mg of THC. They are sold as singles and also come in a four-pack.

Artet “is a blend of cannabis and botanicals that work in harmony to make Artet as fun as it is functional”. They have a variety of cocktail recipes on their website, link at the end of this review. The can is a single serving that you pop open and pull the tab back to reveal the opening for drinking or pouring.

Artet Cannabis Infused Mixed Drink Rosemary Jane flavor eight ounces next to cocktail glass with rosemary stem and grapefruit slice

As with all edibles and drinkables, it’s important to try new products at half of your usual dose the first time, until you know how strong the effects are for you. Since my usual dose of THC is 10mg and up to 15mg for CBD, I tried one can to judge the effects of half my usual dose. In my experience, CBD reduces the impact of THC, so if I consume a 1:1 blend of CBD and THC, I can sometimes take more than my usual dose, but not always.

If you aren’t sure of your tolerance or usual dose, try half a can then wait an hour or more to judge the effects and make sure you don’t take more than is enjoyable for you. That will give you 2.5mg of CBD and 2.5 mg of THC, which for some folks is plenty. If after time you don’t feel much or very little, you know you can try a full can and then judge that effect.

The ingredients are mostly plant based and seemed okay for vegetarians and vegans. The primary sweetener is cane sugar. Tet & Tonic flavor runs 35 calories the Rosemary Jane at 40 calories and they have 6 and 7 grams of sugar respectively.


We tried the “Tet & Tonic” and the “Rosemary Jane” flavors. There was a pleasant grapefruit smell from the Rosemary one and a lemony, slightly herbal smell form the other. These are delicate and complex flavors, so if that isn’t your thing these might not be for you. Don’t expect grape soda candy or infused alcohol kinds of flavors, these are more like a sweet wine or a sweet herbal tea infusion in terms of flavor.

The taste was delicate with the sweet citrus flavors dominating but with complexity from the herbal infusions of rosemary and chamomile. I expected them to be stronger on the herbal flavors, but they were not dominating, they harmonized well with the sweet of the sugar and the sour of the citrus. The ingredients lists plant-based ingredients but doesn’t say if all of the ingredients are plant based.

We saw no indication of any organic ingredients, so folks with concerns about pesticides or other chemicals commonly used on commercial plant ingredients might want to investigate that with the producer. From the ingredient list is does appear that no artificial colors are used.


I did begin to feel the effects within a half hour, with the reduction of any pain from inflammation I might be experiencing lessened, which I usually find with CBD. Being a liquid, there is less a bit less digesting to be done, so I usually find that cannabis infused beverages have a slightly faster onset for me than most edibles.

There is no indication of what strain(s) are used when extracting the THC, so it can be hard to judge what impact to expect. I found the effects slightly relaxing and it gave me a slightly stoned feeling mentally. I always prefer to know what strain was used or if it is a sativa, indica or hybrid, as that can tell me what impact I can expect.

I find CBD is much more effective on pain and discomfort when paired with THC, so I appreciate the 1:1 ratio of Artet “drinkables”. I don’t expect a CBD-focused product to give me the same elevated experience of a product that is purely or primarily THC. Expect the mild pain relief, relaxation and anti-inflammatory impacts that are typical for CBD. I was pleasantly surprised once I took my full dose of 10mg THC and 10mg CBD to find the relaxing effects quite potent, similar to having a few beers. The physical relaxation comes with some mental relaxation too. As mentioned above, try a new edible or drinkable several times at lower than your normal dose, then build up your usual dose, before even thinking of taking more than a standard dose. Start low and go slow.

Artet Cannabis Infused Mixed Drinks Rosemary Jane and Tet & Tonic flavor eight ounce cans

Wrap Up

The effects were a little stronger than I might have expected from a 1:1 CBD + THC edible or drinkable at the 10mg dose. Once I had tried them, two 5mg doses were just perfect to provide a few hours of relaxation, ideal for a virtual cocktail hour.

At my dispensary, a single serving size is priced at $6.00 plus tax with the four-pack priced at $20 plus tax, bringing the price down to $5.00 per dose before tax. If you look at our Cost Per 10mg Dose comparison, this is on the more expensive end of options, as it works out to either $10 or $12 per 10mg dose.

I could see this as part of my regular set of options when I want a special cannabis infused “cocktail” with the relaxing effects of CBD. For those who like refined flavors, enjoy cocktails and who like the effects, this is a fine addition to the top shelf of a CBD edibles & drinkables collection.

Taste: 7

Strength: 7