Kiva Camino Wild Cherry Excite Cannabis Gummies Review

Camino cannabis gummies come in an Excite formula with a Wild Cherry flavor. This formula has 5mg of THC and 0mg of CBD per serving, for a total of 100mg THC and 0mg of CBD per package. As with the rest of the Kiva Camino range of edibles, these gummies are not just infused with distilled THC but are formulated with natural terpenes to create specific effects.

Kiva Camino Excite Cannabis Infused Gummies Red Tin

My local dispensary charges $20 for a package, making it $2.00 for each 10mg serving of THC, the same price point as the Kiva Cannabis 100mg Chocolate bars. These gummies do contain gelatin, so they are not vegetarian or vegan friendly. The screw top tin is one you push down to turn and open. The gummies are not individually wrapped.

Dosing & Flavor

The smell from the gummies is as expected a cherry smell. Like the other Camino gummies, they have a lovely opaque appearance and a soft texture that is easy to bite through.

The flavor is a regular cherry flavor that doesn’t have any bad aftertaste. A mild sour note from citric acid gives these that sour-ish twist to the cherry flavor. I’m not a cherry flavor fan, so I don’t rate these high in taste, but they are perfectly fine even for a cherry flavor hater.

As we always recommend with new edibles, try half of your usual dose before trying a full dose as you never know how strong something will effect you. The Camino Excite gummies are easy to bite in half to give a 2.5mg THC dose. Since I am experienced with edibles and my usual dose is 10mg of THC, I began with one piece, with 5mg THC. After having only light effects for that trial run, I then moved closer to my usual dose, taking two gummies for a total dose of 10mg THC. I also tried 12.5 mg using two and a half 5,g pieces to see if the effects were more noticeable.


The effects I experienced were not substantial for me, but were a very pleasant mildly relaxing and elevated sensation. Like most edibles, the impact often reflects and amplifies your state of mind. If you are not “in the mood”, these will not suddenly put you in the mood in my opinion, but if you are feeling frisky, these can smooth the path by heightening your senses and increasing sensations. These could really boost your fun if the timing is right.

Overall enjoyable with no negative effects like drowsiness or a too spaced-out head effect. Good flavor profiles and type-specific effects are exactly what I look for in an edible and Kiva’s Camino gummies do a great job on both counts.

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Taste: 7

Strength: 6