Venice Cookie Company Cannabis-Infused Hippie Cookie Review

Venice Cookie Company’s Cannabis-infused Hippie Cookie are small, thick cookies made with oatmeal, granola and trail mix. They are vegan with no animal products. They do contain wheat, peanuts and tree nuts so they are not allergen- or gluten-free. No organic ingredients indicated on the package, so all the ingredients are conventional. At 27 calories a cookie, they are a low-calorie way to elevate.

There is no indication of which strain is used to make them, or even if they use Sativa or Indica strains, so assume they are made with a hybrid mix of strains, so neither Sativa or Indica.

Hippie Cookies come in a package of 10, each with 10mg of THC. If they are around for while they can become hard and difficult to cut, so if 5mg is more your dose, you may want to cut them in half when they are fresh so you don’t struggle to cut them when they become hard. As always, start with half of a usual dose for you when trying a new edible, as some can surprise you with their strength.


The oatmeal/peanut butter cookie flavor is natural and there are dried cherries, dark chocolate chips, cashews and almonds that provide the granola/trail mix taste. The overall flavor is pretty peanut butter focused with a finish of trail mix flaors. There is no artificial taste but there is a noticeable cannabis oil taste.

They start out mildly moist and they can go dry easily so it’s best to make sure you reseal the package tightly. The package says to refrigerate after opening to keep them fresh. While you can get away with eating these cookies without liquid, some coffee, almond milk, or tea to go with them is a welcome addition.

Ingredients & Packaging

Packaging is mercifully easy to open, with a tear strip that exposes a resealable closure similar to many child-safe pouches. There are helpful graphics on the package to help users get the bag open.


The effects seem to run down the expected hybrid middle. You don’t get the focus, uplift and energy to run around and get a lot accomplished you’d get from Sativa, nor do you get a strong body relaxation you would get with an Indica. It’s a mildly stoned mixed feeling between a head and body high.

I didn’t find them especially strong, so if you are sensitive to the effects of edibles or just starting to try them, this type of more mild cannabis edible would be a good fit. I would need to boost one of these 10mg cookies with a 2.5 mg dose of another edible or a transdermal gel to get the impact I get from stronger edibles at a 10mg dose.

Venice Cookie Company makes some good cannabis edibles. I wish they made Sativa/Indica type specific versions, and I would love it if they would share which strain or strains they use. It is great that they offer vegan edibles.

They are coming out with (and discontinuing) products all of the time, so check the website to see what they currently offer

Taste: 6

Strength: 5