EdiPure Cannabis Sugar Drops Hard Sweets Review

Sugar Drops Hard Sweets with 10mg of THC per serving were this week’s newest edible in my local dispensary so I had to try them! These THC candies come ten in the container.

They are the largest cannabis suckers I’ve ever had. They are approximately one inch hearts. The reason why I mention their size is if you normally take a bigger dose, let’s say 40 mg, it’s going to take a long time to consume four, one inch hearts. Trust me.

These Sugar Drops slowly dissolve into a sand paper like texture. They are not smooth as they become smaller. However, they are great tasting suckers. Sweet Drops come in many flavors like lemon and green apple.

55 minutes after finishing my Sweet Drops I started to feel a slight buzz and the edibles’ calming effects started to relax me and lower my anxiety.

The heady buzz lasted for an hour and a half. The calming and relaxing benefits lasted through the night.

Sweet Drops Hard Candy are great tasting and their soothing effects are wonderful. I recommend this edible highly, especially for anxiety relief.

Taste: 8

Strength: 8

Website: www.edipure.com

Happy Chews Tropical Delight Cannabis Taffy Review

Happy Chews Tropical Delight has 10mg of THC in a taffy like edible.

Whenever I visit a new dispensary I am on the lookout for new edibles to try. I normally pass over single dose products because I take a larger dose. At this new dispensary, the edible selection was tiny, so I bought some Happy Chews plus a couple of old favorites like Cheeba Chews and Wanna Gummies.

Inside the package of Happy Chews are two 5gm pieces for taffy. Although they were differently flavored, the they tasted the same. It was a salty, medicinal flavor, not fruity at all.

After eating the 10mg, I waited. And waited. I waited an hour and a half. The dose was too small for me to see any effects. Perhaps for someone who can use smaller doses, these edibles could be more useful.

So, from what I experienced, they taste odd and had no effects at all, it was kind of disappointing. I wouldn’t buy these again and I wouldn’t recommend them.

Taste: 3

Strength: 3

Website: n/a