Heavy Hitters Sativa, Indica and Hybrid Cannabis Gummies Review

Heavy Hitters line of edibles are cannabis gummies that come in nine different flavor and strain combinations. The line comes in nine flavors of gummies, each featuring a specific type of cannabis – Sativa, Indica or Hybrid.

Each gummy has 20mg of THC and 0mg of CBD per serving, for a total of 100mg THC and 0mg of CBD per package.

Sour Apple Heavy Hitters THC gummy edible 20mg package
Sour Apple Heavy Hitters

These gummies contain gelatin, so they are not vegan friendly. They do contain natural coloring and flavoring, without artificial ingredients. They are gluten free, dairy free, and nut free. The gummies are not individually wrapped and need to be cut in half for a 10mg dose or in quarters for a 5mg dose. They are scored across the gummy so they do give a guide for easily cutting them in half.

Dosing & Flavor

The smell from the bag is primarily a strong fruit smell. Unlike the Kiva Camino gummies which are smooth and see-through, these have a more of a fruit chew appearance and a sugar-covered texture. They are easy to bite through and melt in the mouth in the same way as most gummies.

The gummy flavors are Moondrop Grape, Pink Grapefruit, Blueberry Dream, Sour Apple Lemonade Haze, Tangerine Dream, Strawberry Storm, Pineapple Punch, and Watermelon Spark. For our review we tried the Sour Apple Sativa and the Pineapple Punch.

Sour Apple Heavy Hitters THC gummy edible 20mg piece

The flavors are somewhat sugar-forward since the outside of the gummies are coated with a sugary substance. They all do have fruit flavors but they seem to border right on the line between solid natural flavors and more candy-type flavors. For the sour apple, mostly it is a nicely sour citrus and fruit flavor, without any bad aftertaste or strong THC flavor. For the Pineapple Punch, a mild sour note combines with a pineapple candy flavor. The citric acid gives these a suggestion of sourness and the fruit flavors suggest a flavor. Be clear, you wouldn’t think you are biting into a real apple or berry or slice of watermelon, they are more candy-flavors, although they do use natural flavoring.

As we always recommend with new edibles, try half of your usual dose before trying a full dose as you never know how strong something will effect you. The gummies are easy to cut or bite in half to give a 10mg dose of THC, then to split again for a 5mg dose. Especially with something called “Heavy Hitters”, it’s important to try a partial dose first to see how you react.

Since I am experienced with edibles and my usual dose is 10mg of THC, I began with half of a half of one piece, with 5mg THC. After having only light effects for that trial run, I then moved closer to my usual dose on another day, taking one whole gummy for a total dose of 10mg THC. I sometimes use one and a one eighth pieces for a 12.5mg dose of THC when I want a stronger effect, or if I have recently eaten or if I’ve taken CBD, which can tamp down the effects.


The effects I experienced were closely aligned with the effects I’ve enjoyed with similar terpene- specific gummies. For the hybrids, a lovely elevated and relaxed feeling, while still being alert and energetic. More alertness and energy with the Sativa-dominant strains, and more relaxing and chill impacts from the Indica-dominant strains. I love the Sativa and hybrids for interacting with nature whether it’s gardening, “forest bathing” or a walk on the beach. As someone who enjoys photography, those are great for staying alert to great images without feeling over-hyped and at the same time the mild relaxation leaves you open to possibility. Similar impacts with the hybrids, a positive effect of an elevated mind along with an Indica kind of body relaxation that isn’t too strong that you just want to sit down. The Indicas I find very relaxing as I’m sensitive to the effects of Indica strains.

Enjoyable flavor profiles and specific effects are exactly what I look for when I want to elevate and Heavy Hitters cannabis edibles do a great job on both counts.

Taste: 8

Strength: 8

Website: heavyhitters.co

Note: Terpenes are the aromatic oils that give your favorite cannabis varieties distinctive flavors like citrus, berry, mint, and pine. These oils, secreted in the flower’s sticky resin glands, appear in many other herbs, fruits, and plants. They play a significant role in the therapeutic and medicinal use of cannabis strains by creating subtle differences in effects across various types. Want some more inside knowledge about terpenes? Check out this video series on terpenes from Three Wells